Environmental Policy

At Hadfield Roofing & Cladding Limited, we recognise the importance of reducing our impact on the environment and monitoring our environmental performance.

We are fully committed to conservation and the sustainable use of resources; to preventing environmental pollution and to promoting energy efficiency in all our activities. Over many years, we have introduced various measures to achieve this, which are constantly monitored and reviewed. These include:

  • Identifying any risk of pollution arising from our activities, which will then either be eliminated or effectively controlled to meet, or exceed, relevant legislative, regulatory and environmental codes of practice 
  • Minimising the use of materials which may be harmful to the environment
  • Reducing to a minimum unnecessary use of materials, resources and energy 
  • Reducing waste to the lowest practicable level and, to always ensuring responsible and correct disposal of waste using only authorised waste management companies for disposal.  When and where possible, waste will be segregated for recycling or by finding other uses of by-products wherever economically viable 
  • Educating staff to ensure they carry out their activities in an environmentally responsible manner 
  • Striving to keep the environmental impact of noise from our activities to a minimum, including carrying out regular noise assessments on site and measuring the noise emissions from various tools and equipment 
  • Considering any environmental issues in the decision-making process and aiming to develop objectives that target environmental improvements and monitor performance
  • By ensuring company vehicles, equipment and tools are regularly inspected and maintained, to not only save money in the longer term, but to also improve energy efficiency and avoid the risk of breakdowns and disruption to our works
  • Regularly reviewing our environmental performance 

In addition to our own environmental efforts detailed above, an increasingly large proportion of our works are now also subject to additional environmental controls and assessment by external bodies (e.g. local councils).  Over recent years, another environmental assessment to which we are regularly obliged to comply is BREEAM. BREEAM sets standards for the environmental performance of buildings through the design, specification, construction and operation phases. We have completed numerous projects which have been BREEAM assessed, on which we have been required to submit a full breakdown of data such as energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions etc.